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Green developments ‘could avoid planning red tape’

In recent months, we’ve written several Advantage blogs about the role that innovative new planning processes could potentially play in driving house building in the UK. So this week, we were intrigued to read that developments that tackle climate change could avoid having to get planning permission, under proposals being considered by the Scottish government.

As reported by the BBC: Local renewable energy and electric vehicle charging points are projects that may get the immediate go-ahead.

The draft proposals are being considered as part of a bid to implement a shake-up of planning laws.

The Scottish government has set an aim for the country to reduce its emissions to net-zero by 2045.

Planning Minister Kevin Stewart said:

“Planning has a key role to play in addressing climate change and radically reducing our emissions.

“Removing red tape from some of the highest priority projects can be a big step towards our goal of a net-zero carbon future.

“These proposals mark a new way forward for planning in Scotland.”

Also included in the proposals are measures to “empower people, communities and organisations to get involved in planning”.

There are plans on how to deliver more affordable homes in rural areas.

Mr Stewart said:

“Our health, wellbeing and prosperity can be affected by where we live so it is important we get it right.

“Empowering communities to have a positive say in shaping their future is central to our vision, where people and local authorities across Scotland work closely together for all our benefit.”

Back in July, we wrote that according to the majority of senior housing professionals, building new homes is more important than existing stock, making the challenge of ensuring that our planning guidelines are helping, not hindering, when tackling the under supply of housing in the UK an important one.

We’ll be back soon with more construction-related news. In the meantime, thank you for reading!

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Local renewable energy and electric vehicle charging points are projects that may get the immediate go-ahead.


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