Structural Defects

What is Structural Defects Insurance?

Structural defects insurance protects against defects in newly built or converted and refurbished residential developments. It protects against the potential cost of the rebuilding and rectifying any defects that arise. Structural defects insurance certificates generally last for 10 years on new build properties.

Structural defects policies are considered a requirement by the majority of UK mortgage lenders before lending on any property under 10 years old.

Why do you need Structural Defects Insurance?

Hopefully your structural defects insurance policy is used only as a precaution, however, if the instance does come where there is physical damage to the building, our job is to shield you from excess and necessary costs which could prove detrimental to your project. Having credible Structural Defects Insurance will also make the process of selling your property easier.

Why should you choose Advantage?

Advantage was founded by two experienced property developers, meaning we understand the difficulties and tight deadlines that property developers. We have spent years crafting our products to make acquiring your structural defects insurance as easy as possible.

Our team of relationship managers are your point of contact from idea to the final certificate, you can rely on their specialisms and industry expertise to make sure that everything runs smoothly. That’s why our customers would recommend Advantage structural defects. Want to find out more about Advantage House Construction Insurance (AHCI)? click here

Retrospective Cover

If you’re trying to sell a property that was built in the last 10 years and it does not have a structural defects insurance policy then you will not be able to sell. No mortgage lender will grant a mortgage to a property that does not have a structural defects insurance policy. Retrospective defects insurance policies exist to help you sell your property in the most efficient way possible. Retrospective defects insurance requires a full structural survey to be undertaken before the policy is issued in order to identify any existing issues or problems so that they can be corrected or removed from the policy.

Conversions Defects insurance

If you’re thinking about converting a property for residential use, then you need to consider structural defects insurance. Every conversion requires a latent defects insurance to protect you and your newly renovated property. For more information on latent defects insurance for your conversion project please contact one of our team today.

Our policies include:

  • Professional fees
  • Demolition costs
  • Remedial work
  • Moving and storing
  • Alternative accommodations
  • Developer insolvency
  • Land contamination
  • Major damage

We Can Cover:

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