June Newsletter – Materials

CONCRETE Concrete, a hard and strong composite material simulating the properties of natural rock, is a common feature of the modern environment. In fact, concrete is the...

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Prefabricated houses are on the rise

The future is prefabricated – or so many in the industry would have you believe. It’s hard to deny the “prefab boom” the construction sector has experienced...

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RELATIVELY SPEAKING In order to understand what interstitial damp is we firstly need to look at what causes water to condensate. The air within a house or a single...

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SUCK IT UP A misconception regarding ‘rising damp’ is that it is the water rising up the building under a ground pressure or positive hydrostatic forces; actually,...

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Roof Trusses & Elements

ORIGINS OF THE TRUSS Trussed rafters are defined as triangulated timber frames. Ordinarily, trusses will be located at a centre (distance from the outer face to the...

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