Alternative Dispute Resolution

We understand that sometimes there may be instances where the standard complaints process may not be enough to resolve a complaint and that further escalation may be required. In times like these you can look to raise a complaint via the Alternative Dispute Resolution service (ADR).


ADR is available to consumers who have already gone through the Developers formal complaints process and then the Consumer Code complaints process. If you feel that there may be a conflict of interest with our ADR case handler and/or ADR official, you must present the reasonings and full information to the following email address for review: code@ahci.co.uk.

In cases where of conflict of interest may be present, we will reject the case and provide the consumer with information as to where they may escalate their complaint for review and discussion. Please ensure that you have read our full ADR rules document so that you can be fully aware of the process and how we will deal with your case.

By being a Developer who is a member of the AHCI Ltd Consumer Code, it provides you with an additional selling point to let your consumers know that they are buying their property from a Developer who acts in accordance with guidelines which we have put in place, and of which are approved by CTSI.

If you are a Developer who is a Code member, there are a set of obligations as outlined within the Code which you are required to follow. If you are uncertain as to whether you meeting the required criteria to be a Code member, please see Section 6 of the Code which provides a list of exemptions. 

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Please send us a message with your enquiry and we will be happy to answer your questions:

Did you purchase your property from a Developer who is part of the Consumer Code?

If so, we invite you to take part in a short questionnaire.

The questionnaire will provide us with invaluable feedback which will allow us to assess the level of service of the developer who completed the build of your property.

This form should only take a short amount of time to complete and is confidential so you can be assured that we will not publish your responses or forward them to the developer.

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