Frequently Asked Questions

What is structural defect insurance?

It’s a policy that allows property owners to reduce their risk to exposure by providing a long-term warranty against a residential or commercial building’s defect in design, workmanship or materials.

How long does the Structural Defect Insurance period last?

It’s normally 10-years from completion of the property.

How is it assessed?

Through a combination of meticulously compiled structural engineers reports and careful financial assessment.

Are policies issued by advantage council of mortgage lenders compliant?

Yes. Unlike some other providers all our policies are fully compliant with the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) Initiative.

What’s the process of obtaining structural defect insurance?

Call us. Discuss your situation with Advantage. We’ll arrange for an inspector to make a site visit and conduct a detailed inspection. Based on his report we’ll programme out a set of project obligations that you need to meet. Our commitment to you is that our inspectors, on subsequent inspection visits will do their best to help you meet those standards. and quote you on your premium.

What if my house is already partially built?

That’s fine.

Are your inspectors independent?

Yes they are. We have a pool of skilled and experienced inspectors that we use to check the quality of building work. Unlike other organisations there’s no pressure to approve work to secure a policy. There are other advantages as well – for example because we have the flexibility to use whoever we choose we can get someone on site much quicker than other providers. Not only that but we are able to allocate individuals to projects meaning that there far greater consistency – a single set of eyes. Ideally an inspector will work with you through all inspection phases through to sign off.

Is structural defects warranty compulsory?

It’s not a legal requirement BUT all mortgage lenders require it to be in place before they will land money against a property. Even if you have no intention of selling your home, the skilled insight of our inspectors helps quickly identify any problem areas. In addition indemnity protects you from exposure to a costly risks.

What does the Structural Defect Insurance cover?

From design to workmanship, materials, structure, waterproofing, drainage and even subsidence through to cost of remedial work, dismantling, moving and storing, as well as professional fees – we cover it all.

Is structural defect insurance transferable?

Yes. It’s fully transferable. Any subsequent owner can benefit from cover as well.

How much does structural defect insurance cost?

We’ll evaluate your premium based on an initial visit and appropriate research. The final figure all depends on the level of risk involved.

Do I pay for inspections?

We’ll evaluate your premium based on an initial visit and appropriate research. The final figure all depends on the level of risk involved.

Existing build?

No worries. Take cover until the end of the 10 year period.

What is a structural defect?

A structural defect is defined as actual physical damage to a building or property.

In the event of a claim, who do I contact?

Call us on 0845 900 3969 – we are happy to help when you need us.

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