What does a new build warranty cover?


A new build warranty is designed to provide some peace of mind to buyers that if any structural issues arise with their new home, they won’t have to pay for any repairs themselves. While most new build properties don’t go on to have any serious structural problems, having a warranty is usually a requirement of mortgage lenders and helps reassure homeowners that there is cover in place if the worst should happen.

However, it’s important to understand exactly what is covered by a new build warranty and what might fall outside of this, so that homeowners can understand what the warranty includes and who is responsible for what.

What is included in a new build warranty?

Typically, new build warranties will last for 10 years after completion of the property, although 12-year new build warranties may be offered in some circumstances. This type of insurance covers:

Defects that arise in the first two years after completion

This covers issues with the building and finishing work, essentially the ‘snags’ that might be discovered or come to light that need to be fixed by the builder. These are considered non-structural defects and could include things, amongst others, such as:

  • Leaks due to faulty plumbing or sealing
  • Windows or external doors letting in rain due to faulty fitting or sealing
  • Poor brickwork pointing that lets water in
  • Badly fitted guttering resulting in water ingress

After the first two years, any of these issues would be the responsibility of the homeowner rather than the builder.

Structural problems in the property that come to light within 10 years of completion of the build

This covers major structural problems that might come to light within 10 years of the property being completed. This could include issues such as:

  • Problems with the foundations
  • Roof issues
  • Chimney problems
  • Ceilings and floors (not including flooring)

What isn’t covered by a new build warranty?

Things that will not be covered by a new build warranty include:

  • Wear and tear on the home
  • Problems that arise due to poor maintenance by the household
  • Weather damage to the home

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