Unveiling Retrospective Insurance: Your Shield Against Structural Surprises


Retrospective insurance might sound like a journey back in time to mend every little flaw in your property’s history. However, it’s not quite a magical fix-it-all. In this blog, we’ll demystify retrospective insurance, explaining what it covers, what it doesn’t, and how it can offer peace of mind when it comes to serious structural defects in your property.

The Scope of Retrospective Insurance

Retrospective insurance focuses on safeguarding your property against significant structural issues that might arise after construction. These can range from rain infiltration, drainage problems, to subsidence, and similar issues. While it’s not meant for every minor glitch like ill-fitting doors or creaky floorboards, it steps in to protect you when the structural integrity of your home is at stake.

Optional Coverage and Fine Print

Some aspects of retrospective insurance, such as superficial roof damage or double-glazing problems, may be optional in terms of coverage. As with any insurance policy, it’s crucial to be diligent in reading the fine print. The extent of your coverage determines the cost of the policy. Remember, the more items you wish to include, the higher the cost might be.

Transferable Security

One significant advantage of retrospective structural defects warranties is their transferability. If you decide to sell your property within the 10-year coverage period, the warranty seamlessly transfers to the new owners. This transferable certificate remains attached to the property, providing ongoing security and value to potential buyers.

Choosing a Trusted Partner

Retrospective insurance might not offer time travel, but it does provide a shield against serious structural surprises. As you consider this coverage for your property, remember to weigh your options, read the fine print, and make an informed decision.

When it comes to retrospective insurance, having a trusted and reliable partner by your side is paramount. Advantage Insurance offers comprehensive coverage and personalised solutions tailored to your needs. With our proven track record and commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Get a quote today and explore how our expertise can provide you with the retrospective insurance coverage that fits your needs. Safeguard your investment and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

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