Housing Associations Insurance Options for Latent Defects Cover


With any new development of residential housing, there are risks that need to be managed by developers in relation to the construction process and the completed building. Protecting against the possibility of latent defects is important for any property, and this is no different for housing association homes. This is where housing associations insurance comes in.

Latent defects are those potential problems that a building may have which are not obvious during the standard inspections that every new property must have before being officially completed and signed off. In the same way that homeowners of newly built or developed properties can benefit from a structural warranty (usually lasting for 10 years), a housing association development can also benefit from this assurance.

What are the options for housing associations when it comes to latent defects insurance?

Housing associations are often provided with the details of a latent defects insurance provider within the HCA’s requirement documentation or in the Consumer Code for Home Builders, but these options may not always provide the best cover for the circumstances or the best value for money for the developer. Fortunately, housing associations are not required to choose these providers, but are instead able to source their own insurer, which can mean a much more flexible approach and more competitive pricing, along with securing the level of cover that is required for the specific situation.

What to look for in a housing associations insurance provider

  • A proven track record of offering latent defects insurance to the housing association sector
  • Expertise and insight into the unique challenges that housing associations encounter with development projects
  • A flexible approach that can help tailor cover to specific projects, so housing associations only pay for the cover they need

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