Affordable homes only account for approximately 17% of new-builds delivered over the last 30 years


New research released by new-build snagging company, HouseScan, focuses on new build completions since 1990, looking at the total number of new homes completed in each region and what this equates to as a percentage of all new homes built nationwide.

They have revealed that over the last 30 years, just 721,930 affordable homes have been delivered by Housing Associations or local authorities, equating to just 16.8% of all new homes in England.

Last year, Advantage wrote about the under-supply of affordable housing, looking at how housing leaders have been calling on the government to set up a £1.3bn ‘national housing conversion fund’ to enable social landlords to buy up private housing, potentially creating 42,500 new affordable homes.

London sees the highest level of affordable housing delivered

LondonProperty Reporter stated that London has seen the highest level of affordable housing delivered. 30.1% of new homes in the capital have come via a Housing Association or local authority, with the region accounting for 22.7% of all affordable housing delivered in England in the last 30 years.

Affordable housing accounts for 18.6% of all new homes delivered in the South East with the region accounting for 19.4% of all new homes in England.

Just 10.6% of new housing stock built across Yorkshire and the Humber since 1990 has been affordable, while the North East has accounted for just 3.7% of total affordable housing delivered in England during this time.

More affordable homes being built in the South than in the Midlands or North of England

Harry Yates, founder and Managing Director of HouseScan, commented:

builder“There seems to be a clear north-south divide in terms of the sheer volume of new homes built, as well as a tendency to overlook affordable housing.

“The total of new homes built in London and the South far exceeds that of the Midlands and North of England and the same applies when looking at the delivery of affordable housing.

“While London rarely grabs the housing headlines positively where affordability is concerned, the capital has seen the highest number of affordable homes delivered in the last three decades. Of course, as by far the least affordable pocket of the market, the requirement is still far greater than the delivery.”

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