Why Your Construction Project Needs a 10-year Structural Warranty


If you’re working on a construction project or structural redevelopment, whether residential or commercial, ensuring that you tick all of the boxes when it comes to paperwork is essential if you want to avoid potential problems down the line.

Along with all of the regulatory requirements and inspections needed before a project can be fully signed off, an important aspect is to ensure that a structural warranty is in place, usually for a length of 10 years. A structural warranty is essentially an insurance policy that covers any defects in the construction of the building if they weren’t picked up during the usual inspections. The cover is designed to be in effect from the date on which the building is given its certification of completion.

A structural warranty is vital because:

  • A mortgage lender will require a structural warranty on a new property before agreeing to lend on it
  • If any structural problems or damage appear in the first 10 years after project completion, the developer may be liable if a structural warranty is not in place, which could have significant cost implications
  • Any trade guarantees from contractors that you may have used are only valid in certain circumstances, and don’t usually provide the extent of cover you would need if a problem does become known
  • It brings peace of mind that you’re covered in the event of an unforeseen structural issue

What kinds of projects do structural warranties apply to?

Structural warranties can cover any kind of building construction project, from new build homes or converted and refurbished properties, to self-builds and commercial development projects. As already mentioned, any new or newly redeveloped property will need a structural warranty if there is to be a mortgage secured on the building.

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