Three quarters of Britons agree that there’s a housing crisis

Reports say that almost 75% of people living in britain believe that there is a housing crisis, what do you think?

This is not the first Advantage blog we’ve shared about the under-supply of housing in Britain and we have a feeling it won’t be the last. As the government continues to make ambitious social housing pledges, a new survey revealed that most Brits believe we’re in the grip of a housing crisis.

As reported by Property Industry Eye: Almost three-quarters of people across Britain think there is a housing crisis. Over half think politicians are not doing enough about it, and most people believe that more social housing would be an important part of the solution.

Writing for Property Industry Eye, Rosalind Renshaw stated: More than three-quarters believe social housing is important because it helps people on lower incomes.

Over half (57%) believe that the rising cost of housing will impact them personally – and significantly – over the next five years.

Overall, 52% support new homes being built locally, up from 40% five years ago and suggesting that Nimbyism is not quite the factor it was.

The survey also found that 45% of private renters are worried about their ability to pay their rent, while 38% of tenants think they might have to leave the area where they are living because of the cost.

In London, 36% of people both renting and paying mortgages are concerned they might have to move to somewhere more affordable.

Terrie Alafat, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Housing which carried out the survey, said:

“These results send a very clear message to the new government.

“The housing crisis is real, and we are simply not doing enough. It’s clear that the British public supports more social housing.

“We have called for a ten-year programme to build 145,000 affordable homes a year, with 90,000 of those at social rents. This would cost £12.8bn a year and would return spending levels to those under Winston Churchill in the early 1950s.

“That programme would unlock billions of pounds of funding from the housing industry and add an additional £120bn to the economy each year through the creation of local jobs.

“Much of this could be achieved by rebalancing the existing housing budget, which overwhelmingly supports building houses for sale. In the long run, investing in social housing offers great value for money.

“The housing crisis is an economic, social and human catastrophe. But it can be solved.”

Related read: We recently posted a blog on why the government has been accused of prolonging the housing crisis. We’ll be back soon with more news from the construction industry. Thank you for reading!

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