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Property Developers

Who We Cover: Property Developers

At Advantage we understand the pressures that the role of a property developer can bring with it – from planning and scheduling costs in order to develop a property to managing and selling a property, property developers often find themselves wearing several hats throughout a project.

Whether you are building a house from scratch or renovating an existing property, our one-to-one service will ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible.

We can cover:

  • Self-build properties
  • New Builds
  • Conversions
  • Renovations
  • Extensions
  • Insolvency situations
  • Part completed properties
  • Completed properties with defects

Why do developers choose Advantage?

The Advantage (excuse the pun) we have over our competitors is that our management team, consisting of two former property developers, have the first-hand experience of the difficulties and tight deadlines that property developers face during a project. This, coupled with our professional and varied set of expertise makes us well equipped to protect your investment.

Advantage pride themselves in maintaining a can-do mentality which is installed throughout the team – this approach means that we are open to working with what are often perceived as more ‘difficult’ projects. As well as Competitive Structural Warrenty Insurance, Advantage also offer:

  • Our ability to be flexibility
  • One-to-one customer service via a dedicated Account Manager
  • Policies that are underwritten by industry leading insurers
  • Over 40 years of industry experience

Have a look at our Case Studies for more information on who we cover and the way we work with our clients.

If you are looking for construction insurance quote or To find out more please call on 0845 900 3969 or email sales@ahci.co.uk