Should you get a building warranty when extending a property?


Most people associate a building warranty with a new build project, or perhaps a barn conversion. However, for property owners that are significantly renovating their home or an investment property, making structural changes such as building an extension, a building warranty can be a good way to help protect the investment made for the works and provide significant peace of mind if the property is sold in the next few years.

Many standard home insurance policies don’t cover large projects such as extensions. This means that even though the project might meet building regulations and be signed off, if a structural problem does come to light within the 10 years after project completion in the new part of the property, it’s unlikely to be covered by that policy. Taking out a building warranty provides that level of protection that is otherwise missing.

If an extension doesn’t have a separate building warranty and a serious defect comes to light after the project is completed and signed off, any costs of remedial work would be the responsibility of the property owner. If the property is sold within the first 10 years after the extension was completed, the buyer’s mortgage lender may require a warranty for the new part of the property before they will agree to lend the money needed for the purchase.

Getting a building warranty that covers the extension is a good way to bring peace of mind for the current and potential future homeowners. If the extension project is being completed by contracted builders then a building warranty is ideal. If the project is a DIY-build, then a self-build warranty is a better option for this kind of scenario.

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