Quick guide to barn conversion warranties


Every new build or major renovation can benefit from a structural warranty, especially if the property is likely to be sold at some point in the next few years. A warranty is required by mortgage lenders and helps the buyer to have confidence in their purchase. How is a barn conversion warranty different to the other kinds of structural warranties? We take a look at why a specialist approach can make all the difference.

What’s different about a barn conversion warranty?

Barn conversion projects can be complicated and usually involve using some parts of an original building along with new building materials and construction methods. This can add layers of complexity in terms of the building’s structure and for this reason, many structural warranty providers are wary of covering this type of project because of the perceived higher risk.

However, with a specialist approach, the builder or developer can ensure that the right cover is in place for their specific type of conversion. This will give buyers the reassurance of 10 years of cover for major structural defects and satisfy the mortgage lender requirements.

When to take out a barn conversion warranty

Ideally, the best time to take out a barn conversion warranty is before any work starts on the project, so that the work can be assessed as each stage of the build is completed. However, if this isn’t possible then a retrospective warranty may be a possibility. When the project is near completion, the structural work will need to be surveyed and signed off in order for a barn conversion warranty to be issued. The warranty will be in force from the time when the project is deemed to be complete.

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