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Self builder, Anthony Russell is building a large luxury detached home on the grounds of his existing property in Lymm, Cheshire. Once complete, the 252 square metre property is expected to be valued at circa £1milion.

Mr Russell has opted for a standard Advantage cover warranty for his build which is being developed under an nine month construction programme. During the build period, Advantage inspectors will visit the site some x times, to support the key stages stipulated by the lender.

All mortgage lenders require a warranty to be in place before they will lend money against a property. For self-funding private developers and investors, the skilled insight of the Advantage inspectors can help quickly identify any possible issues or concerns, supporting the site team with viable solutions to ensure the project moves forward.

Anthony Russell commented:

It is important for me as a developer to have the right guarantee that not only gives my funders peace of mind but gives myself and any potential future owners of the property that vital reassurance.

The Advantage team have been a great asset throughout the build, visiting the site at certain stages and discussing and reviewing progress with insight and support. We look forward to completing the build and securing a full Advance warranty.

The Advantage Warranty covers design, workmanship, materials, structure, waterproofing, drainage and even subsidence through to cost of remedial work, dismantling, moving and storing, and professional fees.


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