Permitted Development Warranty

Advantage are the specialists for protecting your Permitted Development projects. With a relaxation of planning rules and many opportunities for developers, Advantage is on hand to offer over 85 years experience, to provide the service and support required for your project. 

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what we cover

Why you need Advantage for your Permitted Development warranty

Permitted Development warranties are designed for builders and developers who are converting commercial properties into residential homes. 

Following a relaxation in planning rules issued by the UK Government in 2020, commercial properties converted into residential spaces have to meet new space standards. The move lifted red tape for developers, simplifying the planning process and allowing projects to avoid the obstacles often presented in other developments. With Advantage’s help, we will ensure that residents moving into these newly converted space do so with the peace of mind that they are protected, proving that despite simplified planning processes, the safety of a space remains paramount. 

Permitted Development

About Permitted Development Warranty

WHAT DOES Permitted Development INSURANCE COVER?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite like going back in time and fixing every little mistake in your property before it happened. In general, coverage for these policies is quite limited, as the insurance is mainly for serious structural defects in your home such as rain infiltration, drain issues, subsidence or similar. More low-level problems like ill-fitting doors or creaky floorboards aren’t generally included.


Certain items, like superficial roof damage and double-glazing issues, are optional where coverage is concerned – so as with any construction insurance policy, always make sure you’re reading the fine print. The more things you want to include in the policy, the more costly it will be.


Retrospective structural defects warranties are completely transferrable to any new owners of the property over a 10-year period, as the certificate is attached to the home rather than the person who takes out the construction insurance.


There are a number of steps you need to take before securing retrospective insurance cover:


  • Contact a structural defects warranty specialist such as Advantage, and request a completed housing quote
  • Review the quotation provided
  • Pay applicable survey fees and deposit premium
  • Have a full plan/specification check and subsequent survey undertaken (existing defects will be noted and either corrected or excluded from cover)


Following completion of all of the above, your retrospective insurance policy will be issued. Advantage’s dedicated expert team will guide you through each stage of the process, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of your policy and are issued it in a hassle-free, speedy manner.




  • Professional fees
  • Demolition costs
  • Remedial work
  • Moving and storing
  • Alternative accommodations
  • Developer insolvency
  • Land contamination
  • Major damage





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Why Choose Advantage for Your Construction Insurance

As well as being leading providers of structural warranties, the friendly and professional team at Advantage also specialise in offering related insurance products – such as performance bonds – which you may also require, giving you the option to work with one dedicated relationship manager throughout your project.

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