The National Housing Federation calls for more social housing

More than 3.6 million people are living in overcrowded homes, while 2.5 million people can’t afford their rent or mortgage.

This week, Advantage Home Construction Insurance read that The National Housing Federation (NHF), along with Shelter, Crisis, the Campaign to Protect Rural England and the Chartered Institute of Housing, has called on the government to build more social homes.

Michael Lloyd wrote in Mortgage Introducer that: They said this could be achieved by investing £12.8bn every year for the next decade and the homes must include 90,000 homes for social rent, 30,000 homes at intermediate affordable rent and 25,000 shared ownership homes.

This follows research from The National Housing Federation showing that about 1 in seven (8.4 million) people are living in unaffordable, insecure or unsuitable homes. More than 3.6 million people are living in overcrowded homes, while 2.5 million people can’t afford their rent or mortgage.

Regular readers will know that we’ve written a series of Advantage blogs about the shortage of social housing in the UK and the issues that this has created, and last month we looked at a new report by the BBC, stating that the government had been accused of exacerbating the national housing crisis by failing to sell enough land for affordable and social housing.

Kate Henderson, chief executive at the National Housing Federation, said:

“Today’s research reveals the full enormity of the housing crisis – clearly, it is the single biggest domestic issue we face.


“The government risks losing votes if it doesn’t take action to tackle the consequences it has for the lives of young and old alike, all across the country.


“From Cornwall to Cumbria, millions of people are being pushed into debt and poverty because rent is too expensive, children can’t study because they have no space in their overcrowded homes, and many older or disabled people are struggling to move around their own home because it’s unsuitable.


“Investing in housing is a win-win for the government – it would bring down the housing benefit bill, provide everyone with a secure and stable start in life, and kick start an economic boom creating thousands of jobs.”

We’re sure this isn’t the last blog we’ll share with you about the challenge of creating sufficient social housing in the UK. It’s a topic we’ll continue to follow closely at the Advantage offices. We’re also proud to have supported The Whitechapel Centre (the leading homelessness and housing charity for the Liverpool region) in recent months, helping to raise funds and collect essential items for some of those most in need in the North West.

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