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Market Trends: why more women are set to invest in property

Recently, the Economist reported that much of the wealth transferred in coming decades will end up in female hands. They added that although much is being written about gender inequalities in everything from health outcomes to pay and promotions “one gap is gradually narrowing: that in wealth. As money managers seek to attract and serve rich women, and as those women express their values through their portfolios, the impact will be felt within the investment industry and beyond.”

In the same article, they quoted Natasha Pope of Goldman Sachs, stating:

“It’s critical for our business that we recognise the trend of rising women’s wealth and respond appropriately.”

Reflecting this shift in investing patterns, property investment specialists RW Invest said that they’ve seen a substantial rise in the number of women seeking to invest in property (with the biggest rise in enquiries from women aged between 25-34). Senior Property investment consultant Esther Morgan said:

“Having been involved in the property industry for over 20 years I have detected a very definite shift when it comes to the percentage of enquires from women.”

“Women are taking their own futures and destinies into their own hands, now more than ever, and becoming far savvier in the world of financial freedom and independence”.

However, although things may be changing in the world of property investment, we recently wrote that change has been slower in the world of construction, with women making up just 11% of the construction workforce. What’s more, we reported that these figures have remained the same since 1997, suggesting that there hasn’t been any substantial change over the past couple of decades which may encourage women to consider a career in the industry. Over the coming months, we’ll be speaking with industry experts to ask whether we’re likely to see more women in construction over the next decade.

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For International Women’s Day, Advantage looked at the increasing numbers of women that are investing in property in 2019.


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