Liverpool City Council approves plans to build thousands of new homes and to create one of the city’s biggest green spaces


Liverpool City Council has approved the construction of enabling infrastructure and a major new park, paving the way for more housing.

Liverpool Waters says: “Spanning 1.9 hectares, which is roughly the same size as Liverpool and Everton Football Club’s pitches combined (Central Park) will combine water, trees and homes for nature with footpaths, seating and spaces for learning and recreation.”

They add that Central Park “will become the city’s lungs – right at the heart of the development in Central Docks.”

Alongside the new park, Peel L&P is planning to deliver 2,350 homes.

Thousands of new homes will be built over the next decade

The Construction Index reported that: “Central Park is being built within the Central Docks neighbourhood at Liverpool Waters, just south of Collingwood Dock by the historic Tobacco Warehouse.

“The approved plans also include public realm work across the 11ha Central Docks neighbourhood to enable and accelerate the delivery of around 2,350 homes over the next 10 years, as per the Liverpool Waters Central Docks Neighbourhood masterplan.”

Enabling the delivery of new residential, commercial and leisure developments

Chris Capes, Peel L&P’s development director for Liverpool Waters, was quoted by YM Liverpool, saying: “The Council’s approval of our plans for Central Park, and its surrounding infrastructure and public realm, paves the way for ten years of development across the whole Central Docks neighbourhood and will set a quality benchmark for later phases of Liverpool Waters.

“Central Park and the public realm have been designed to provide a unique environment that will enrich the lives of everyone in Liverpool as well as the millions of people who visit the city every year and we’re looking forward to moving this project forward in 2023.

“(This) will enable the delivery of new residential, commercial and leisure development and be a catalyst for the delivery of 10 Streets and North Liverpool.”

The consultant planning team includes: Planit-IE (master planner, landscaping and urban design), Arup Planning (planning consultant), Walker Sime (project management), John Sisk (infrastructure and design), Curtins (civil and structural engineering), Hannan Associates UK (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), Safer Sphere (CDM) and RSK (ecology).

From the archives: Plans have been submitted for Belfast Harbour’s first social housing project.

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