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Brick shortage affecting small developers

Brick shortage affecting small developers The UK is currently experiencing a brick shortage, with many companies being forced to wait over 12 months for bricks. Not only is this slowing down development, it’s also driving up the cost of bricks massively – meaning that...

BIM Technology – An Overview

BIM Technology - An Overview Building information modelling: it’s a phrase which is being bandied around the construction industry a lot recently. But what is it actually all about? In this blog, we’ll be giving you a crash course in BIM, and detailing what it means...

What to do if you were insured with Alpha

What to do if you were insured with Alpha Alpha - a key structural defects insurance provider for UK homes – went into insolvency this week. This means that thousands of people’s structural defects insurance cover has come to an immediate end. Unfortunately, no plans...

Advantage Roll out Expansion Plans with New Se Office

ADVANTAGE ROLL OUT EXPANSION PLANS WITH NEW SE OFFICE Structural warranty provider, Advantage, continues to roll out its ambitious expansion plans, launching an office in the South East of England. The new offices, based in Horsham, will be headed by Michele Mauchel...

Advantage Seal Deal at Latest Liverpool Scheme

ADVANTAGE SEAL DEAL AT LATEST LIVERPOOL SCHEME Advantage has once again proven itself to be the structural/latent defect warranty provider of choice in Liverpool, having secured yet another large scale development in the city. YPG Development has appointed Advantage...

Advantage Take off with Regional Expansion

ADVANTAGE TAKE OFF WITH REGIONAL EXPANSION Structural/latent defect warranty provider, Advantage, continue to expand throughout the UK, announcing their decision to launch a new regional office in the Midlands. The fledgling firm which opened in the Summer of 2015,...


ADVANTAGE SEALS DEAL ON HIGH END CITY CENTRE SCHEME Structural/latent defects warranty provider, Advantage, has secured a deal to provide insurance at YPG Developments latest scheme in Kings Dock Mill in Liverpool. The £30 million development will see over 200 luxury...


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