Getting the right structural warranty for your construction project


Whether your project is a new build, a self-build, a conversion or a major renovation, ensuring that you have a structural warranty in place is key. However, not all structural warranties are born equal! Different policies can have varying levels of cover, premiums can be wide-ranging for what seems to be similar protection and it can be difficult to know exactly what you need for your specific project and what is surplus to requirements. You don’t want to pay for cover that isn’t relevant to your circumstances.

Why use a construction insurance specialist for your structural warranty?

A great way to ensure that you’re taking out the cover that best suits your needs is to ensure that you get your structural warranty from a provider that understands the construction industry and the processes and challenges of projects like yours. They will be best placed to offer a service that can be tailored to your requirements and include cover in your warranty that is relevant to your specific situation. For example, a rural barn conversion is a very different kind of project to an urban multi-property new build development. Using the experience of construction insurance specialists will help ensure your cover is appropriate and the best possible value for money.

Assistance with securing your structural warranty

Applying for a structural warranty has a reputation for being a complex process, with lots of form filling and time spent on paperwork that could perhaps be better spent on the construction project itself. We try to make the application process as straightforward as possible to help ensure you can spend less time on that and more on getting your project completed.

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