Multi-Apartment Development, Essex

A private developer is building a six-unit apartment block in Essex and has opted for a standard Advantage warranty to protect his build.

The client took the guarantee out with Advantage prior to work beginning at the site. Whilst a structural warranty isn’t a legal requirement, all main lenders will require a policy to be put into place before they will lend against any development.

Whilst different lenders will stipulate various terms in their lending policy, Advantage is able to comply and meet the needs and demands of all lenders, whilst giving the customer peace of mind. At this development in Essex, the inspectors will carry out some five visits to the site at major stages in the project lifecycle.

Visits to the site can be made at short notice and each customer will be allocated a single point of contact who will work with the customer from the design stage through to completion. In taking this approach, we can guarantee continuity and consistency throughout with the Advantage surveyor becoming familiar with the site and the challenges faced.

The client welcomes this approach. He commented:

The Advantage way of working has been a really refreshing change to a typical warranty provider. Rather than seeing the warranty as a necessary add on cost, the Advantage team has offered real value. Our surveyor is always on hand to offer support and advice and it’s good to talk through the challenges faced with him at key stages when he has offered useful and valuable feedback.

Michele Mauchel, Advantage added:

Our customers welcome the relationship that we set out to establish with them. They quickly come to realise that we are a valuable resource that can be tapped into rather than an administrative chore. We aim to add value where possible and the knowledge and experience of our teams is undoubtedly one of our greatest assets.

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