Different types of Building Warranties

When embarking on a new building project, whether commercial or residential, one of the most important things to consider is a building warranty. There are a few different types of building warranties, which all depend on the needs of the builder or developer in question. Building warranties provide every structure with insurance of 10 or 12 years against structural defects or damage. With structural defects insurance, home buyers can enjoy up to 10 years of peace of mind where structural defects are concerned, as long as the property is within ten years of completion.


Housing warranties

There are different types of housing warranties – new home warranties and completed housing warranties. New home warranties are aimed at builders and developers involved in a project at the end of which new houses will be created. It is suitable for all sizes of development. These building warranties guarantee a 10 year structural defect warranty of the houses that you sell. Should you have incomplete buildings, then completed building warranties are more suitable. These cover any structural defects, as well as professional fees of architects and engineers.


Commercial building warranties

This is the best policy for any commercial projects – it covers all vital aspects of commercial structures, no matter what commercial purpose it performs. When the time comes to choose an insurance provider, make sure you choose a policy that provides full cover for all parties involved. Having a commercial building warranty in place not only guarantees a safe sale of letting of a commercial building, but also removes the liability of the developer or builder in the event of a structural defect discovery.

building warranties on housing


building warranties self build


Self build warranties

Self build warranties are the best policies for those projects that are already underway – if your project has already begun, then self build warranties will provide you with technical support, technical audits and competitive premiums. For these building warranties, aim to find a provider that doesn’t have any up front fees and guarantees a fast turnaround. It’s important to find a provider that suits your project the best.

Legal indemnity insurance

All property developers and builders should have legal indemnity insurance alongside their building warranties. This is particularly important, as it covers all monetary losses in the case of a judicial review challenge of any planning permission. Legs indemnity insurance will maintain the financial stability of your project in the event of any problems.


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