Structural Defects Insurance for Builders

Let’s face it. Structural Defects Insurance? It’s a pain. But it’s a necessary pain. We understand.

We also understand exactly what it takes to make your building structural warranty as painless as possible. Latent defects in construction can jeopardise everything you have worked towards, our Latent defects insurance can provide you with guaranteed cover to give you peace of mind. We can also show you some of benefits of take out structural defects insurance.

We can explain the different types of Building Warranties for you if your looking for more information


  • That when you need an Inspector on site tomorrow because you’re pouring foundation, it’s no good being told you have to wait another week.
  • That when it’s Thursday night and you’ve just remembered you’ve forgotten to book an inspection for first thing Monday morning, you can call your Advantage account manager on his personal mobile. Not only will he take the call, he’ll make sure that you get the Inspector you need at the time and place you need him.
  • That your account manager will put an inspection schedule together on your terms. Agreed points of contact that suit your timescales. From conception through to certification we’ll understand and manage the risk – all the way through from the first quality document to your final certificates.
  • That there’s continuity and consistency when it comes to inspection. Wherever possible we’ll assign the same Ispector to work through the project at every inspection point. No conflicting opinions, no difference in style – just a singular fluid inspection path.
  • That your Structural Defects Insurance needs to be rock solid. Underwritten by a name the whole industry, including each and every lender trusts.

It’s pretty simple. Insurance companies won’t underwrite the property unless the inspection has been made. You know that. You know too that unless inspection happens early doors then not only will projects suffer expensive delays but your premium (if anyone is even prepared to offer you cover retrospectively) is going to rocket. All for the sake of good old fashioned customer service, a little flexibility and an insurance partner committed to your cause.

Structural Defect's insurance for builders



We understand your job – to build great homes as profitably as possible.

Our job? To make Structural Defects Insurance as simple and painless as possible.

No fees, no registrations, great rates, fast turn arounds and world class service.

Structural defects insurance for builders

Did we mention that we can organise next day inspection or that our inspectors are all completely independent?

Did we mention that we train them all to Advantage Certified Standard and each wears our shield of approval?

Good. Don’t take chances with your inspections or Structural Defects Insurance.

Don’t risk your margins.

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