Building SurveyorStructural Defects Insurance is important. It’s also important that any insurance you recommend doesn’t just do the job – it does the job brilliantly. Both client protection and your reputation depends on it.

That’s why we’ve gone to the market and secured underwriting from a leading insurance provider. Insurance so good that you can endorse it with absolute confidence.

You will also want to be sure that any insurance company you are referring to, will in turn, refer you to new inspection projects. Quid pro quo.

That’s why we’re building a team of experienced, independent inspectors – qualified, approved and contracted. Each with the responsibility to conduct inspections to our rigorous Advantage standards and each in line to receive a healthy share of client inspection work

You. Your clients. Us. Everybody wins.

Structural Defects Insurance Scenario One:

So just imagine… it’s a beautiful day. OK… maybe a little chilly, maybe a little damp… You can’t have it all. You’re on-site first fix inspecting. No complaints, a couple of minor issues but in truth the work is looking decent. And as you discuss the next phase of the build with the client, you ask them about their Structural Defects Insurance. And it would make sense to.

Because this time, in your back pocket, you have something new. Something a little bit special. Something designed to cement you as the ‘go to’ independent inspection resource.

That special something?

A build control/warranty package that your clients will absolutely love. What’s more, they’ll love you too, for recommending it.

  • Assured – All warranties underwritten by leading insurance provider for rock solid confidence.
  • Single, clear timelines – From Building Control to Warranty Inspection to certification your clients can be confident of expert feedback consistent at every stage. No more paper trails, unanswered calls or having to explain the project from scratch every time someone new gets involved in the process. Less a fragile chain of events, more a ring of steel.
  • Profitable – Happy clients mean full diaries. Everyone wins.

Advantage – the new Structural Defects Insurance option that you can recommend with absolute confidence.

Structural Defects Insurance Scenario Two

It’s a Thursday night, one of our clients has just remembered they’ve forgotten to book an inspection for first thing Monday morning. Not ideal but it happens. They contact their Advantage account manager on his personal mobile. Not only does he take the call, he then contacts you to check your availability for the inspection. You’ve space in your schedule and so liaise directly with the client to organise the time and place to meet.

No confusion, no complication just fresh inspection work delivered to you on a plate. What’s more, now you’ve established the relationship with the client it’s highly probable that you will be the inspector partner responsible for all subsequent inspection work on that project.

You. Your clients. Us. Everybody wins.

Brilliantly managed insurance that puts you and your client in control of the whole inspection/insurance process.

  • Independent – No fees, no registrations, just expertly combined Inspection and Warranties packages
  • Informed –  Our intimate understanding of Government and regulatory policy keeps you and your clients ahead of the competition.
  • Personal – A single point of contact to take care of quoting/booking inspections/accepting payment/issuing of final certificates. Deep industry experience? Of course. Out of hours mobile numbers? With pleasure.

Advantage – a simpler, faster, more consistent and better quality way to organise inspections and insurance.

The Advantage Shield


As a matter of compliance you would have to provide an adequate level of Professional Indemnity as well as hold specific qualifications, eg RICS and CIOB qualifications to meet CML compliance.

Each inspector will have a minimum of three year’s experience, a unique photographic ID and have signed comprehensive legal contract detailed specific roles and obligations.

Whilst we cannot offer exclusivity to any one inspection provider our “Shield of Approval” will be strictly limited.