Everything You Need To Know About Latent Warranties

It is of the up most important when it comes to building projects whether it is for a new home, office block or any other construction project that you have latent warranties to cover you for any unforeseen defects and problems.

Latent Warranties To Cover You From Unforseen Defects And Problems!

Many get confused and bewildered when it comes to structural building insurance and we want to help make the process simpler and transparent to ensure you are fully informed when making your decision on insurance provider.

Latent Warranties cover the policy holder for any latent defects which are defects in the structure that could not be predicted or found when the building took place.

With construction projects there are many things that can go wrong during each step of the process. These defects also can be found at varying stages, sometimes even when the project is complete. When a problem is detected it may be possible to correct these issues and defects quickly and easily once found. However sometimes extensive work is needed to correct the defect especially when it is found at a later date, this can prove extremely costly. Therefore, latent warranties are of the up most important to ensure that you have the cover required.


Latent Warranties

Ten Year Structural Defects Insurance!

Our structural defects insurance including latent warranties lasts up to ten years so you can be reassured that by using Advantage that you are not going to come across any sticking points should a latent defect be found.


Latent defects and patent defects can occur due to numerous reasons including poor workmanship. Issues can arise due to the wrong materials being used for the job or it is possible that the building contractor has made a mistake. The faults could also arise from the design aspect of the construction project that was not picked up at the time.

Unfortunately, these issues cannot be predicted so latent warranties are necessary.

If a latent defect occurs without latent warranties the whole project is likely to be in jeopardy as the cost to rectify without cover is likely to be in excess of many businesses affordability.

Patent defects are covered by structural and construction insurance packages however latent defects will only be covered if you take out latent warranties which will ensure you are covered for defects discovered at much later date from construction.

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Latent Warranties – Defects can include:

– Cracks in foundations

– Subsidence in foundations

– Air conditioning failure

– Roof leaks

– Brickwork issues

– Planning permission breaches

Did you know?

Lenders will completely refuse to lend without it.

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