What is Latent Defect Period? Find out here.


When looking at latent defects and the latent defect period then it is important to remember that the latent defect period cannot be used as a chance to correct problems that were apparent at completion of the construction project. These would not be covered in the latent defect period of the latent defect policies as these should have been rectified before completion.

A limitation period is a stipulated time in which a claim should be made. In the case of a latent defect period this is the period of time in which the claim needs to be made against the contractor. The latent defect Period for the insurance policies through Advantage is ten years.

In the ten years covered in the latent defect period the contactor who has taken out the insurance policy is covered for any claims that a client brings to them for latent defects that have occurred on construction projects.

The latent defect time will be stated in the initial contract between the client and contractor. We can cover policies for contractors for up to ten years. This is especially important as the main point with latent defects are that they are not apparent and may not become apparent for many years after completion. This can be due to the fact that the defects cannot reasonably be found when the completion inspection occurs.

If a latent defect occurs and the client for which the construction was undertaken occurs damage or loss the contractor can be claimed against for these costs. Therefore, ensure that you are covered for a latent defect period by taking out a policy here.

Most construction companies have a latent defect period stipulated to give peace of mind to the client who is having the work done. The contractor is responsible to rectify any latent defects brought to their attention during this period and can carry out the work to rectify themselves or another contractor can carry out the work and the initial contractor is responsible for the costs. With our cover theses costs will be covered during the latent defect.

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