How to claim on your building defects insurance

Protection when you need it, peace of mind when you don’t.

And ideally that’s all your building Defects Insurance will end up being – peace of mind.

In the unfortunate and unlikely event that you will need to call upon it though, know this – we’ll be at your side every step of the way. Quickly, efficiently and effectively. Here to assist you at every stage of your claim.

The first thing we’ll do is to help you check your policy in detail. To identify clearly what is and isn’t covered.

What’s covered in your building defects insurance policy?

Usually, the structural elements of your build as well as the weatherproofing and waterproofing envelope.

Where you building defects insurance really comes into its own is in tackling problems arising from construction related issues. Design defects, or failures in workmanship, materials or components that cause destruction or damage to aspects of the property such as the foundations, load bearing floors, the roof and the waterproof envelope.

Other components in the the building may also be covered but it’s important to check your policy closely to have a clear understanding of the extent of your cover.

What’s not covered?

Minor snagging issues and superficial faults – plaster cracks, overflows, central heating and plumbing performance are normally remedied with some simple maintenance procedures.

Matters of flooding, storm damage or decorative damage, will not be covered by your Structural Defects Insurance.

How do you claim?

Through us. We’ll allocate our specialist team to quickly assess the claim on your Structural Defects Insurance policy and determine the appropriate steps to take.

We assist you through the claims process working with our insurance provider.

To notify us of a claim call Advantage on 0845 900 3969. Quote your policy number, detail the nature of your claim and we’ll take things from there.

Completed claims forms you should return to:

AHCI Limited, 71-73 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 2RH

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