Are You In Need Of Building Structural Warranty?

There are many perks that coming with building your house, the peace of mind knowing that you have a permanent investment that can stay within the family. building structural warranty is one of several things you ought to know before venturing into the unknown territory of home ownership.

Why do you need a building structural warranty?

Also called structural defects insurance or housing warranty insurance, a building structural warranty policy protects you against any ‘worst case scenarios’ such as costly failures in design, construction, and materials that may occur during construction. This insurance also covers professional fees, dismantling costs, remedial work, moving and storing and in a worst-case scenario, building structural warranty will ensure all the important stuff is protected. Guaranteed cover over your hard-earned investment, Advantage can offer this insurance to all clients, ensuring that they’re covered in all kinds of situations.

Why Choose Advantage?

At Advantage, we strive to ensure that your reputation is maintained. Apart from offering our clients proper protection, our main aim is to build stable, sound buildings that delight all our customers.

We have infiltrated the market and secured a unique insurance cover from Elite Insurance. We also have an experienced team of independent inspectors who are both qualified and approved. Their responsibility is to conduct thorough inspections to our thorough Advantage standards. With a proper building structural warranty, you’re guaranteed of rock-solid confidence in the services we offer. Therefore, if you’re searching for the best company to offer you amazing building services, Advantage Builders have you covered.

building structural warranty


Building structural warranty for those looking to sell

Planning to sell out your brand new house or building within the first ten years of construction? building structural warranty is a must! Purchasers will need to feel a sense of security when buying your building, building structural warranty will be a huge plus for prospective buyers.


Building structural warranty for Housing Associations

We also offer building structural warranty to housing associations. This helps you to spread your budget and save lots of money. Therefore, if you’re in charge of overseeing a housing project, make sure that your contractor is well versed with structural defects insurance. Better yet, contact Advantage to help you roll out your project. We have incredible policies that are underwritten by Elite Insurance. These policies, such as the Insolvency Cover, ensure the inspection process is faster and more flexible.

Did you know?

Lenders will completely refuse to lend without it.

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