Top tips on how to prevent construction accidents on the building site

In 2011 alone, the North of the country weathered a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake and an autumn blizzard, not to mention any recent storms and blizzards. While these natural disasters are unpreventable, keeping your building safe is essential.

Tip 1.) Planning ahead

The first tip I have to prevent construction accidents is plan ahead. Be prepared for the worst case scenario. You can do this by first buying structural defect insurance, fortunately for you that is our speciality. Structural defect insurance covers you against any potential construction accidents, from design to workmanship, materials, structure, waterproofing, drainage and even subsidence through to cost of remedial work, dismantling, moving and storing, as well as professional fees. It’s not a legal requirement but all mortgage lenders require it to be in place before they will land money against a property. Even if you have no intention of selling your home, the skilled insight of our inspectors helps quickly identify any problem areas. In addition, indemnity protects you from exposure to a costly risk.

Tip 2.) Correct equipment

Having the incorrect equipment for your builders and building is a must. Using the wrong equipment for the task at hand is one of the top causes of construction accidents, you must ensure you are buying or hiring the right equipment. Would you use a chainsaw to cut a block of wood used for your kitchen worktop? The answer is no, because it would be uneven and wouldn’t fit in your kitchen. The same goes for the outside of your house, so checks on equipment before construction should be made before starting construction.

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Tip 3.) Safety checks from management team

A good management team will do constant checks on the building from scaffolding to ensuring wires are duct taped down to the floor to prevent tripping. The checks should be thorough and tests should take place on certain pieces of equipment to unsure the equipment doesn’t have any faults. If a safety check/test shows a fault with equipment it should be replaced straight away, this is so that other people do not use the equipment, thus preventing a construction accident.


Tip 4.) The weather

The weather is unpredictable, but you can be prepared for anything. Weather in the UK is, let’s be honest, not the best. It can be cracking the flags one day and blowing a force 7 gale the next. This is why you need to stay prepared. Always have covers for equipment which you can place over them once used. This not only protects them from water damage but also holds the equipment down as long as you tie the cover to the floor. This will help keep your equipment and building safe when builders are not present at the site, and also prevents construction accidents from happening.

Did you know?

Lenders will completely refuse to lend without it.

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